About us:
Louisville Clay (LC) is an association of regional ceramic artists dedicated to enriching individual creativity through a supportive community of peers and to enhancing the understanding and appreciation of ceramic art.
Our member-supported group was founded in 2002 by regional ceramic artists led by Tom Herndon and Ben Huber. The group was founded to help potters grow professionally and provide a supportive network. The group’s steady growth was fortified during the NCECA 2007 conference held in Louisville, KY.  Connecting through regular meetings, workshops, presentations, and other enriching events the group formed a strong member base. The group went into hiatus in 2013.
• Previous events include Bluegrass Bourbon (2013) a national juried exhibition of ceramic bottles and glasses.
How To Sign Up:
We are a group of ceramic artists and enthusiasts who function as a club that provides it’s members with four events a year including our annual Holiday Party & Gift Exchange. Members have access to our growing web database that provides information about ceramics in Louisville and beyond. The club consists of 5 board members who hold regular meetings to plan our events and keep regular order. All, including prospective, members are welcome to attend posted board meetings.
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Board Members (November, 2015)
President Alex Adams
Vice-President Amy Chase
Secretary Rebekah Thomas
Treasurer J-D Schall
5TH Suzy Hatcher