Hello Louisville Clay Members,

This page is dedicated to the Louisville Clay Buyers Group. The objective of this group will be to go in to purchase clay and dry materials in order to get the best price. The more we buy the cheaper the overall cost of the item will be. Once we have compiled the order we will negotiate for best price and we will send you an email to login and pay for your materials plus any appropriate tax or shipping. At this time the logistics of delivery and pick-up are being worked out but consider this a scouting mission to see how many of you all are interested.

How this will work is, once the lowest bid comes in you will receive an email from us with your total costs complete with shipping and tax if applicable. A link will be provided that you can securely pay through the LC PayPal account. Note: any material not paid for by the time the order is placed will not be purchased.

At this time there are no new orders being placed. If you are interested in possibly getting a group order together email us.