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I have been interested in clay for as long as I can remember. One of my early memories is asking for and getting a toy potter’s wheel. Of course, it was a disappointment. That interest stayed with me throughout my school years and into college where I earned my BA in Fine Arts, concentrating on Ceramics and Art History from Indiana University Southeast.


I was fortunate to have had John Guenther as my ceramics professor. I learned a lot and perhaps most importantly I suddenly belonged to the clay community. I spent nearly every waking moment in the ceramics studio and I was so happy there in that program.


Following graduation, I went to the University of Memphis to begin my MFA work. This was a poor match for me, and I left – also having two disabled parents in need of assistance. I tried to keep my hands muddy, taking an independent study at IUS. But I went on to build my career in software engineering. Nearly a decade passed before I touched clay again.


I am still trying to find my feet again. I loved mentoring others in undergrad. I still love clay, and what I want more than anything in the world is to build a career around clay and art.


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